Saturday, September 12, 2009

O Holy Night

I'm not one to send generic "holiday" cards for the most part.  I celebrate Christmas and so that's what I send, religious connotations and all.  I do make Hanukkah cards for my Jewish friends and Rosh Hashana which is their big card-sending holiday. 

But if you are on my Christmas card list, you are getting a Christian card, LOL. 

So this is 6 dozen cards now.  Everything on the card is SU except the gold paper which is unknown from my stash and the sentiment which is from PTI. 

Now I just need to get moving on my holiday gifts.  I make note card sets for all the women in the family, and that's beginning to be a big number.  About a dozen ladies these days.  And I only have 3 sets done thus far.  Uh oh.  Better get cranking on those.  I try to personalize them somehow, either with a monogram or a theme that is something they like.  My sister-in-law LOVES coffee of all types, so her's usually have a coffee theme.  Maybe tea this year, though.  My mom is gardening.  My sister will be Paris this year, as that's where she honeymooned. 

If you have any good suggestions for "themes", I'd love to hear them. 

Have a great weekend!  Thanks for looking.


  1. This is such a pretty card! I think everyone will be quite happy to get them. What about bees as a theme for a set of cards? Do you have the Honeybees set from PTI?

  2. These are so beautiful and elegant and perfect! Love them.

  3. Beautiful cards, and I love reading your opinion on the matter. Thank you.

  4. Very nice and nicely done. So glad someone is getting their cards done..ha. I am still working on my craft fair projects..sigh.
    Thanks for sharing.