Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am not a very creative person.  I am very analytical and linear in my thought processes.  I guess that's part of what makes me a successful engineer.  Not a good idea to "wing it" when you are building a bridge, LOL.  But those same qualities often lead to a loss of creative energy.  So that's why I love to blog hop.  I get so many good ideas and fantastic presentations.  And since I see so many of them, they all meld together in my mind and combine to form ideas somewhat like what I saw but not exactly the same. 

So it is with this card.  I got the idea to use the word stamps as a background from Dawn's card here.  Fortunately for her and unfortunately for us, the image is out for publication.  However, you can see bits and pieces of how she did it on the link.  She used pinks and reds for Valentine's Day, however, I used a more generic Berry Sorbet and Sweet Blush to make a birthday card. 

I think I'll repeat this technique with blues and greens and a less "frilly" nestability for a good masculine birthday card.  Thanks Dawn for all the color, technique and inky ideas!!!!!!

And thanks to everyone for looking! 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

V-day Card #14: A Colorful Finish

So this is how I started my last card of my Valentine's Day project.  Just like the card that Nichole did with some Scarlet Jewel added for contrast.  I was making a play off the "Love" birds theme. 

I even found this adorable button that has stripes on it that mimic the trees in the stamp.  And it's a very nice winter theme.  Very much appropriate given that today my backyard looks like this. 

But it just didn't seem right to finish off my project.  Not enough of "us" in it for it to be meaningful, KWIM? 

Hubby and I used to work together which meant that we carpooled together too.  Sunrise and sunset became very special times for us.  Even after hubster got a new job and we no longer rode to work together, we made a deal that we would always think of each other at sunrise and sunset.  And we could know that the other was always thinking of us.  My sweet man even calls me on his way to work when there is a beautiful sunrise.  In fact, he called me on Thursday.  (Worry not, his car is Bluetooth enabled and his Blackberry links to it, so he's calling hands-free)   So this is what I came up with.  I think it captures us perfectly.  And I *LOVE* the color combo.  I would never in a million years have put them together, but nature did on Thursday and who was I to argue?  LOL~

Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey.  It has stretched my creativity in ways I could not have dreamed of.  It's not as easy as it seems to come up with 14 cards that you think are worthy of your soul mate.  And hubby is loving it.  He's been so sweet and romantic all week.  You reap what you sow and I really need to put something back into my marriage.  This was just the ticket.  I can't wait to give him this card on the 14th.  Right now I need to go dig out from under the 30" of snow that we've gotten since yesterday afternoon. 

Later y'all.